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Purchase and fault description of AC cooling fan

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Many users are in a dilemma when choosing the AC cooling fan. They don't know how to choose it, and they are afraid that they will fail when they choose the wrong one in the future. Xiao Bian here tells you that you don't need to worry about all this. Now let's talk about the purchase and failure of the AC cooling fan!

First of all, look at the brand. Choose a reputable AC cooling fan. Choose quality. Quality is the guarantee of everything. Secondly, choose from the appearance. From the external surface, it should be relatively thick and pure. There is no burr on the edge of the frame leaf. Check the firmness of the fan leaf. When you pinch the frame, you can feel whether it is deformed. Compared with the rear bearing, the ball bearing has a long service life and low noise, but the price is very expensive. The oil bearing has a low price and short service life, and it will make noise in future use.

First of all, the cooling fan should have the function of full exhaust. If the temperature of hot air in some equipment in a hot environment is relatively low, it will work in the opposite direction.

Then, the inductor must be installed in a good position and can be installed in a more appropriate position. The sensor should be clamped to the surface of the radiator. The fan can be controlled by temperature operation. During heating, the voltage regulator can speed up the sensing speed. At low temperature, the fan speed changes almost to 0. Therefore, the length and temperature sensitivity of the sensor determine its reaction time.

The AC cooling fan is widely used in industry and life. It is inevitable to encounter some failures in the process of use. How to solve the problems when the AC cooling fan encounters failures? Next, we will discuss this issue with you.

First of all, to reduce the failure frequency of the AC cooling fan, it is necessary to fully debug it before use to ensure that the AC cooling fan can operate in a better state. Secondly, during the use of the AC cooling fan, ensure that it is opened in a correct way, pay attention to the observation of the current size, and maintain the stability of the current and voltage. If the grid capacity is insufficient, you need to use the voltage reduction method to avoid negative effects on the AC cooling fan. There are many types of AC cooling fans. For a two speed fan, it is required to start at a low speed. If it is required to start at a high speed, it is required that the blades be completely stationary.

The noise of AC cooling fan is related to the friction and flow of air. Generally, the higher the fan speed is, the larger the air volume is. At the same time, the greater the friction is, and the greater the noise is. In addition, the fan itself will vibrate during the working process, and also produce a small amount of sound. In order to reduce the noise, professionals found that under the same air volume, the larger the fan blades of the AC cooling fan, the smaller the required speed, and therefore the smaller the noise. In addition, the noise of the AC cooling fan also comes from the bearing impact in the fan.

The operation of the cooling fan changes with the heat. If it operates at a slower speed, the cooling fan will generate less noise and consume less energy.

In most design requirements, the air temperature is usually lower than the design temperature when the cooling fan runs at a higher speed for several hours. Normally, the cooling fan running at low speed can complete its work sufficiently. However, the following shall also be considered in selection and installation:

First of all, the selected cooling fan must be able to provide enough exhaust air volume (speed) to cool the hot air inside the equipment under high temperature; When the temperature is relatively low and the hot air flow is relatively small, the opposite work is done.

Secondly, when selecting the installation position of the inductor, it should be noted that the inductor should be placed in an appropriate position so that the inductor can be clamped directly on the surface to be cooled. When the cooling fan is running, a temperature controlled cooling fan will run at a faster speed if the heat regulator feels that the temperature is high; When the temperature is low, it will run at a lower speed; Between these higher and lower, the cooling fan speed will hardly change due to temperature.

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